Youth Empowerment and Youth Employment are key for Development. Young people around the world are hungry for better options in terms of Job opportunity and Entrepreneurship. On the 23th March 2017, the CEO of MACH Consulting was a keynote speaker to the « Hunger for Success Seminar » organized by the Young African-Belgians Network in partnership with the African Diaspora Network in Europe.

The discussion focused on  how to tackle the challenes faced by the Youn Diaspora members with regard to he access to employment and entrepreneurship.

“They are rejecting the status quo and demanding a better future. Many  innovative youth initiatives were presented by young entrepreneurs among others Ori Omi iPhone reparatie op locatie, Skatech, Peuple Royal Jewelry, Ewala,etc.

Both in Africa and in Europe, youth  are claiming their right to a decent job and in most of the cases they are taking risk to find better opportunities.

Public and Private actors should support youth empowerment programs including those initiated by the young diaspora to realize their strong potential for positive socio-economic change in the host and home countries

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